The Hindu's first page is full of news about Haneef nowadays. Before that it was screaming about Pratibha Patil Vs BJP, and before that it was screaming about something else. Agreed news papers should report things which are currently happening but the things is after a week or so we dont see any news about the things which occupied the front page the previous week. May be when starting the newspapaer one will start with honest mindset but as the day goes they run out of things to report and report useless things.

All news papaers has more than 2o pages only 50% will be of useful stuff the other 50% will be junk.

Newspapers can be forgiven but take the case of weekly magazines like Kumudam and Ananda vikatan. I bought the two of the recently and went through them and found nothing useful. They just put some content to fill the pages and sell them for Rs 10. They boas that they are the no 1 magazine. People still buy these magazines only out of habit and nothing else.


Balaji S Rajan said…

What you have said is 100 percent true. Gone are those days when Kumudham and Vikatan were so good. I do not know the reason. May be those generation of Editors are no more and it has gone to those who are inexperienced. Also, days have changed. Visual things have taken the world by storm. Lot of commercials have creeped in and the quality is gone.

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