Sivaji Mania

Since its been almost a month after Sivaji got released I thought of watching it once more and hit Mayajaal. Infact I chose mayajaal as it was on my way back from Mahabalipuram. Mayajaal has been running Sivaji upto 25 shows some days. So I was very confident that the tickets would be easily available. But when I reached the theater and asked for Sivaji ticket he told only 11 o clock tickets are available. I thought I didtn hear him properly and asked my cousin to reconfirm and yes Only the night show tickets were available when it is running almost more than 10 shows a day and I could see people were buying the tickets for night show.

Boss Rocks.


Hari said…
Cool. Me too trying to see at Sathyam for the second time and unable to get tickets. Something is wrong with Satham.

But Boss always rocks.
Kittu said…
aaaaaaha Indiala paakara andha sogamae thani. I miss that

BOSS daga daga daga daga daga dak ta daga daga daga daga daga dak -
rahman effectla kaetaalae adhirudhulla

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