Every 10 feet we find a poster of Stalin laughing, smiling, shouting, standing, sitting, writing. Yes this is what we see in chennai nowadays. Cinema posters are lesser in number. And also the pose of politicians are more cinematic than real cinema posters. Number of Karunanidhi posters are less though it increases occassionaly. In all these posters be it Stalin or Karunanidhi their pose will beat Rajinis pose in Sivaji. Their costume will beat Amitabhs or Sharukhs hands down. Charisma plays a part agreed but if we have to look at their face every 10 feet it makes us tired. Why do they advertise themselves?

To top this I also find posters of one person named Jayachandran pasted all over Madipakkam road. They have used all words in tamil to decribe him as the hero. He is shown walking, smiling, riding a chariot etc. I dont know who he is.

And yes occassionally we see our great Ramadoss (who was once against family politics) with his son.

And sometimes we do see some photos of Vasan. I wonder who still believes in Vasan to keep a poster for him.


Balaji S Rajan said…
I could imagine all those Dan. Oh.. god it used to be frustrating especially when they post it on the bus routes in the bus stands. Also, it was a fashion a while back to say "Varugirar..." "Azhaikirar". Crazy leaders. Don't they realise that all these will not work out?
i realised it too when i was in chennai recently...stalin everywhere...hmmm...moreover these big hoardings takes space and is also not safe when you consider the increasing vehicular and walking traffic. When will these politicians change? Its a pity to see this when much can be done to improve the looks of our city instead of such meaningless hoardings.

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