Raincoat Idiots

Whenever it is cloudy in chennai you can see these raincoat idiots all over chennai. They are nothing but guys who think of themselves as Keanu Reeves from the Matrix. They think that they are the chosen one. The wear a raincoat and have it unbottoned and zoom past in bikes. They dont think how risky it is. It is equivalent to a girl riding a two wheeler with her dupatta untied. All these guys think is how beautifuly the rain coat flies when they ride their bike. Most of these guys are well educated guys working for MNCs.


Thats true..when will people stop thinking just for themselves?..and speaking of matrix...we have had enough of it...any movie you see has a matrix like stunt...and now in real life too!!...enough of the nonsense.
Dan said…
thanks for stopping by.

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