Sivaji - Second take

My first view on Sivaji can be found here

I saw Sivaji for second time at Sathyam on Friday. I missed the Ballelaika song thanks to our Traffic. As the expectation was set clearly this time there was no disappointment and only it got better than first time. Somethings which I felt boring during my first view felt good this time.

For some reason Sahana song did not click second time also. Sometimes I felt Shriya does the same kind of dance movements in all songs.

Overall I felt the movie racier than the first time. Rajini rocked all the way.

The theater was full of kids which meant lot of familes had come to watch the movie. The theater was housefull. After 50 days the film is still going strong (remember the 50 days of Sivaji is equivalent to 100 days due to number of prints). I think after Indian this is the next movie I watched in Sathyam and the sound effect was good. Overall it was a good experience.


i too found the movie the 2nd time over better than the 1st time...and yes rajini rocked all the way

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