Thursday, September 27, 2007


Whenever famous people are asked to comment on someone who is famous in public they give feedbacks like

he is very simple though he is famous
he helped me a lot when i acted with him
its only because of him we are living
he is a vast university lot of things to learn from him
he is etc etc
he is blah blah

When a common man is asked an opinion abt another common man not in public we get replies like

he is a selfish guy
he is hopless
he is an useless moron
he cant even do this
i had to help him a lot

Now what those famous people will tell about the famous people they commented in public when they are asked personally by someone personal i dont think they will praise them as they did in public. to just move up in life some people praise top people. what hypocrites.

I stopped this long time back and ended up with lesser number of friends and to be accurate now i have only acquaintences and no friends but life is peaceful this way.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes acquaintences are better than so called "friends"!!
Real friends dont mind whatever we talk!! :)

cowey said...

correct dany neenga sollaradhu correctu :-)

Dan said...

vaanga anon

vaanga cowey romba naal aachu neenga intha pakkam vandhu. kadudhasu sowkyama?