I made yet another mistake in my life today that is I went to T.Nagar.

I wanted to spend sometime out, I wanted to go out with family, I wanted the place to be lively, I wanted to see the roadwork going on in T.Nagar so I chose T.Nagar and we decided to go by train from Palavanthangal to Mambalam. Train was delayed the when it came it was so crowded people were longing for air. A kids father was enquiring the kid if he is alright through out the journey as the kid looked like he might faint anytime. We dont need septic tanks to get asyphyxed our local trains are enough.

Once we hit mambalam we climbed the stairs towards Renganathan st and found the stairs was full and people were moving at snails pace and when the street came to view I was shocked to see the crowed remained stationary and was not moving.

I considered turning back home but joined the crowd and was pushed from all directions. Atleast in train we had something to hold on to but here there was nothing to hold on. The street was slushy with I didnt know what I was stepping on. Though it was open air it was like I was inside a furnace. By the crowds grace I moved along and went to the famous Saravana stores.

From the security to the salesman everyone insults us but still I moved on like a beggar rushing towards food outside Marriage halls. Finally we bought the suitcase we wanted to buy and I was in no mood to explore further. Again after an agonizing 30 mins we reached the station. The station was again crowded with people indicating there was no traing for quite sometime.

Finally somehow I reached home.

When I was walking through the crowd one lady was shouting to another lady "this is such an important place look at the way the street is".

The street was full of slushy debris. Everywhere there is degrading materials. You have to walk on top of those. To add to this they have dug the road in the middle for more than a meter throughout the entire stretch. There are iron rods protruding out of that pit and some parts they have covered with some wooden planks which were very damp and very weak. People were walking on those planks unaware of the waiting iron rods beneath.

90% of the people doesnt seem to care about any of these they just buy loads and loads of stuffs from Saravana stores and Jeyachandran textiles, eat Jamaai ice creams and walk without caring whether they are causing any nuisance to other persons walking along with them.

Animals move with grace when they walk as a crowd. It respects another animals space. Here people are worse than animals.They dont guy things they hunt for things in packs like hyenas.

What a disgrace?

If those rich shop owners in that street put Rs 10000 per head they could make the entire road usable. But sadly they are the ones who make it unusable by throwing utter nonsense into the streets. This is the complete failure of everyone. From the government, to the shopkeepers to the customers everybody fails. They just live on.

The crowd behavious is only slightly better in the west. But the infrastructure in the west makes it bearable but here with the failure of everything nothing is bearable.


Balaji S Rajan said…
After reading your post about Ranganathan Street's condition, I think every one who could risk and shop should be given some medal and praised for their sucessful expedition, tolerance, courage. Hats off to Chennaites ! Our politicians are still on fasting and trying to keep their names on the headlines. I am sure Ranganthan street will become a popular expedition place shortly.
Anonymous said…
The best thing about Ranganathan Street is u need not walk ppl will make u walk.
but thats the worst thing for me :(
I hate when ppl fall on me!

I never dared to go inside Saravana.
Dan said…


tnx for visiting

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