Long time..

Its been quite sometime I wrote something in this blog. Life has been pretty hectic for me with issues lurking behind everything I turned. As the faith in GOD grows the issues disappear but when a new issue comes my faith in GOD decreases. I am caught in a vicious cycle.

The weather has been quite pleasent over here in chennai except for occassional hot days.

I tried watching Sivaji once more but didnt get tickets at INOX.

Kalaignar TV has started rolling and all tamils are very happy as this has solved all their problems.

Sethu Samudram is now the hot topic in India. BJP claims the bridge built by Rama should not be touched. Another hot issue is the Nuclear deal with US.

Enough for now. Hope all those who are not in chennai got a dose of desi news from this blog.


Balaji S Rajan said…
Thanks for your recent update in TN. I was wondering where you had gone. Of course, I knew you would not have been charged again for pushing your vehicle on a busy road. Probably our Traffic police may even do that!
Dan said…

I am very much here jus busy with lot of work.

i have adapted myself to the traffic police menace.

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