Sivaji 100 Days

This saturday I watched Sivaji for the third time and the day was exactly the 100th day. I watched it in a local theater near my house. I was visiting the theater after many years. The show which was supposed to start at 11.15 started at 12 as there was a pooja because this was the first movie to reach the 100th day in that theater.

They fired crackers, distributed sweets and gave Sivaji stickers. The crowd was less may be 40 to 50% full. But the theater was hopeless and the audiencer were also hopeless. But the activity reminded me of watching movies as child.

Most of the people in the theater were families who had come with kids. Kids climbing on seats as they couldnt see the screen, ladies walking in and out of theater when the movie is running. Sunlight beaming in through the open doors of that Noon show, Dads buying samosa and cone ice during intermission, screen alternating between dim, dimmer and bright, power going off inbetween and people whistling. Though I couldnt enjoy the movie as I wanted to it was pretty nostalgic.

All the three times I missed the new title card Super Star.


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