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I dedicate this post for those who are addicted to my traffic posting (blasting).

Here are some death traps I came across last night. Before going to that good days are back in chennai with monsoon being active. Roads with elephant traps to which we were accustomed to till now (yes trust us we can drive through those familiar roads with elephant traps during night time also without getting trapped) now has T-Rex traps. Yes the rain has widened existing potholes and has created new potholes. Also our municipality, corporation ***tards has dug the road such that not even a single sq ft of the road is motorable. The reason they say is they are working on storm water drains. They had all the 10 months to work on that but they were waiting for the storm to come to start the work.

Now back to adventures

When i was travelling towards Medavakkam from sholinganallur at 9:10 PM (the road is still in the same bad condition which i mentioned 3 or 4 months back in this same blog) i saw glimpses of heaven. I was going at 60 which I normally dont that too when it had rained. Suddenly I saw a bus (yes pallavan) coming like yemen at 900 KM/hr on the wrong side of the road that is head on towards me.

This road is something if you go towards extreme left you will fall into field filled with all of chennai septic tank waste.

One second I panicked as I didnt expect such big vehicle appraoching me for a head on collision. I slowed down as much as possible and went as extreme as possible to the left and hoped the bus wont hit me. I could see the silhoutte of the driver turning the steering wheel like opening the waterway in cauvery dam. The bus missed me by inches thats why i am here writing this post.

Other usual adventures such as vehicles moving at 10 KM/hr, vechicles trying to overtake inspite of non avaialability of space to overtake were other adventures.

Welcome to chennai - the adrenaline is pumping.


Anonymous said…
hope you are fine!!
Dan said…

i m fine thnx for visiting
niveditha said…
Ramesh, is that true? Hope u r fine...take care..

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