Speed Breakers

Yes girls like the one given below can be speed breakers but I am not talking about such speed breakers.

Everyone who is part and parcel of chennai will know that chennai is very innovative when it comes to having speed breakers. You can find variety of speed breakers like potholes of different diameter and depth, normal speed breakers of different width and height, some speed breakers even triangular in shape.
Now coming to the actual issue as we all know there are manics out there driving cars and bikes. I want to highlight today two types of maniacs. We are all familar with the normal maniac who will drive like a T-Rex is chasing him. He will not slow even if a speed breaker in the size of elephant trap comes before him. These maniacs cause less danger than the other types of maniacs who are have a phobia for speed breakers. These idiots drive like the other maniacs but the moment they see a speed breaker in any form due to the phobia they have they will immediatley bring the vehicle from 100 to 10 in 2 seconds and will take the innocent guy coming behind them by surprise. Some idiots bring it down to 0 till the cross the speed breaker and pick up speed once they are over the speed breaker.
We should be very careful of the later type as the chances of meeting with an accident is higher with the later type.


Balakumaran said…
Awesome picture!

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