Saturday I thought I will complete certain bank tasks which were pending for sometime. The banks in question this time was IOB and Canara Bank. Whenever I have to visit these banks I get nervous thinking about the treatment we will receive at these banks. I dont get this feeling when I have to visit ICICI Bank which I visit frequently.

After overcoming the nervousness I hit IOB first. As usual everyone was or acted busy and no one lifted their head to acknowledge my presence. There was no sign on whom I should contact. Finally I found a sign saying Service hanging over one desk but there was a out of order card placed on that desk . There was a person sitting behind the out of order card. Now If I contact them for help saying they are below the Service desk they might shout at me saying cant you see the out of order board. I contact another person who was checking some cheques for a very long time. He pointed me to another person.

That person had typical bank employee look. I approached him but found him to be nice and finally I was able to complete my task there without any issues.

Elated by the treatment I received at IOB I approached Canara Bank with same enthusiasm. This Canara bank is the one at Guindy inside the pollution control board office. This is a very small bank and had only 4 staffs. One teller, One manager, One lady and another Guy. When I entered nobody bothered to lift up their head. The lady was in a discussion with a customer who was there with his wife and kid. The customer was explaining to the Lady staff about some accident in a dramatic manner. They were chatting so happily. The customers kid was walking here and there inside the bank as if it was his home. Either the customer was a friend of that lady or there should be some other special connection with the bank.

Since there was no way I could reach the lady I approached the other buy who was about 55 yrs. He was standing and pressing some keys in a computer and looking at the monitor as if he expected it to explode anytime. It appeared like he was never aware of something called smile in his entire life. With not much choice I asked him a question for which I received a mumbiling which needed worlds most powerful amplifier to make it audible. With lot of irritatation I asked the question again and he replied this time little louder. Finally I deposited some money and the same person threw the counter foil which flew away. He didnt even have the basic manners. There was no point in arguing with someone in whose blood there is not even a single drop of manners.


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