Fatal Attraction

After a long wait I got my hands on this DVD. I have heard a lot about this movie and most of them portrayed it as a cheap porn movie but I wanted to see it for its twisted story.

This is by the same director who directed Unfaithful but this came before that movie. Unfaithful is exact oppsosite of this movie. In both the movies the director Adrian Lyne shows the problems of adultery.

The movie starts of showing a nice family comprising a dad, mom and a girl child. Michale Douglas plays the dad and he looks young and cool. So one day at a party he meets a girl Glen Close and they just exchange greetings. He comes across her for the second time during one of his official work meetings. Fate leads them to have a cup of coffee after the meeting. Same fate also made his wife and daughter to go out of city for that weekend.

So both of them with mutual consent does the wrong thing. After spending a passionate day and night with her it is time for douglas to head for home. All hell breaks loose at this point. Glen doesnt want him to leave she cuts her wrist before him. She cajoles her and then she apologises for her act. He leaves. Life is back to normal for Douglas for few days. Then all of a sudden she shows up at his office for a casual talk. He suggests it will be good if they dont meet and all is over between them. She apologises again and leaves. Then after a lull she calls him at his office. He starts to avoid her calls then she starts to call his home. He meets her for once to ask her to stop everything.

At this point she says she is pregnant and wants him to own responsibility. She doesnt want to abort it. He starts to run away from her and she starts to chase him. One day when he comes home she finds her at his home talking to his wife. This torture goes on and on for him and Glen becomes to obssessive she kills the pet of Douglas's daughter. At his point he confesses about this affair to his wife. They both seperate. Till this point the movie is top class. Douglas is excellent.

The ending is somewhat cliched but the director shows family is the best thing stick with it.

The movie has been showcased by many as dirty movie but I didnt find it so. Except for one scene there are no other explicit scenes. Its a very emotional movie with tense moments. Though we can sympathise for Douglas we cant help feeling sorry for Glen.

A good movie for those who like tense dramas.


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