Last weekend other than Texas Chainsaw massacre I saw another movie called Unfaithful. I knew about this movie for quite sometime but was not inclined towards it for some reason. But this weekend this was the only movie that was available so I gave it a try.

First things first I liked the narration and pace of the movie. I like movies which move at slow pace (I also like adrenaline pumping movies). This movie is one such movie where the director will tell the story at his own pace. One difference in this movie is it takes off immediatley the director doesnt build the characters before going to the main plot.

Diane Lane and Richard Gere are happily married with a Kid. This is shown in the first scene and the next scene Diane Lane is shown walking in a street with wind blowing at high speed. Those who have been to European countries will know about the wind I am talking about. No taxi stops and finally she is knocked down by the wind on top of a guy. She apologises but she is hurt in her knees. The guy suggests he will bring band aid but on later thoughts he suggests why she shouldnt come to his apartment as they are just at the entrance of it. She agrees. There starts all the problem. The guy talks with french accent looks handsome and he is a book collector and she falls for him.

The director has shot some steamy scenes between them. All the scenes have been shot very erotically. The dorector shows despite her reluctance she just cant seem to resist the tempatation. She goes to him again and again. The loving husband and her kid come to her mind again and again but still she cant overcome the tempatation.

Richard Gere finds about this and tracks the guy down using a detective. He meets the guy and both of them act naturally. No one shouts and fights its all just normal talk. Then Gere breaks down and suddenly he does something and then the story takes a different turn.

Finally they show Gere and Lane settle down for each other.

For all the moral police out there the director doesnt emphasise much on the morality he occassionaly tells that adultery is wrong. Diane lane is shown little to easy to be taken for a ride. When the movie ends we wonder "What was that?". There are no big twists or turns it just goes on and then stops.

Overall its not a great movie but an ok movie.


Itz me!!! said…
hi Dan..thanks for the review..shall watch the movie when I get a chance

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