Nuisance - 2

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Apart from Tata Ace mentioned in Nuisance - 1 post there are other versions available on the road. For a wide variety of them check out the following link

Piaggio Ape
Bajaj Tempos

These vehicles will suck out the spirit within you in no time. When overtaking such vehicles please make sure you have a look at the drivers face and what he is doing that'll make the pressure increase fast.


Last night I left office at 11.30 PM and I expected lonely roads and was very much afraid of thugs and dogs but at midnight the interior roads of chennai was bustling with traffic. Lorries rule the road and the dust in chennai road will surely beat Mexico city and Delhi as the most polluted city in no time.


Anonymous said…
Lonely road at 11:30 in chennai?? hahaha... even at 12:30 AM in our roads there would be traffic jams ;-) (ofcourse exageration)

Waiting for train journey 4
Dan said…
its not exageration anon u will find traffic jam for sure at those wee hours too.

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