Pom Pom

Last night again I had to leave by 10 PM. Because of my previous experiences I didnt expect the roads to be free of traffic. As expected the roads were not free of traffic but the interesting things was after 10 mins of travell I noticed vehicles before me were going very slow. At some point I might have been going at 20 Km/Hr for 5 minutes. There was no safe way to overtake as before me was two lorries which were the size of a cargo ship. Still some people were overtaking kudos to their driving skills.

After a longtime I found some safe passage when the traffic came to a grinding halt. Then I found out the culprit it was a crane. The crane was moving at 10 KM/hr and causing all the problem. Once he moved out of the way it became normal.


What is more funny?

A Share auto trying to overtake another share auto.

Jokes apart these share autos are sometimes capable of going at 200 KM/hr so beware.


I heard from my friends that an accident occured yesterday morning. It seems a bus stopped to pick up passengers, an auto which was coming behind it also had to stop. But another bus which was coming behind the auto rammed the auto the the bus in front of the auto and the auto was crushed. In Chennai I dont know when the Bastards will try to appreciate the space for others in road.


Today morning I noticed guy in Velachery main road going in bike in front of me. He was going at good speed suddenly he slowed down and with one hand removed his helmet and placed it on the petrol tank. Then he took out the mobile from his shirt pocket and tried to do something but before you could continue there came a patch of road where there will not be any road (Thanks to Highways department) he immedialy put the phone in pocket and manuvored the bike. Once the patch was crossed he took the phone again and started doing something. Mind it he was doing it all in the middle of a very busy road. What a fucking moron.


vaish said…
missing those rides now boss... cha yaarayum thittama ippo thookamey varamaattenguthu ;-)
Dan said…
there is one girl here who rides faster than lightning. we can name her minnal now its confirmed its not u as u r not here.

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