Snakes On A Plane

Yes I saw this movie as well last weekend. First things first the movie starts off with a fresh tone. Everywhere you see greenery and colours were awesome. I havent come across a DVD which looked so crystal clear.

The movie starts of as a man cycling in a forest witnesses a murder by a kingpin. The murdered finds out about the witness and wants to finish him off as well. But comes the agent Samuel L Jackson to save the witness. The agent takes the witness with him in a flight from Honolulu. The kingpin wants to finish of the witness in air so he puts truck load of snakes in the plane and they come loose midway in the air.

How our agent Samuel L Jackson saves the witness and rest of the passengers from the Snakes forms the rest of the story.

Many of the snake movies will focus on only one type of snake like Rattle snake (Silent Predators), Python, Boa (Python Vs Boa), Cobra (King Cobra), Anaconda etc. But here you get to see all types of snakes. When the snakes come out of their enclosure all hell breaks loose. We dont know who is bit and who is not. We dont know which is poisonous snake and which is not. One snake looks like a Anaconda. How come an Anaconda landed up in a plane unnoticed? Please dont ask such questions just enjoy the pandemonium.

People are bit in almost all parts of the body. Some are hilarious some are gruesome. There are few sentimental scenes when Jacksons colleague dies and another old air hostess dies.

Just put on your seat belt and enjoy the ride.


vaish said…
I have seen this movie.. good one.. normally i dont like these kinda movies but this one i enjoyed but had to close my eyes for seeing some of the scenes :( bayama irunthuthu

i saw this in my friends house with theatre effect - 3 or 4 times i thought i was amidst of snake :)

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