Texas Chainsaw Massacre

I was waiting to see the original version before seeing the remake but I couldnt get the DVD of the original version so finally settled for the remake.

Last night watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) alone. Bascially I am a fan of horror stories and movies and I expected a lot from the movie and I have to say I was more than satisfied. The movie is awesome and made me uneasy. There were few scenes which I couldnt watch.

I liked the first 30 minutes of the movie very much. The first 30 minutes shows you five people travelling in a truck through a deserted dusty highway. The orangish lighting throught this part of the movie adds to the scariness. Out of nowhere comes a girl they manage not to hit her. She is not her self. They take care into their truck to drop her at the near by hospital. Once the girl sees the route which the truck is taking she shoots herself down. These five people now travel with this dead girl in the back seat and comes across a lonely gas station and they are redirected to an old mill where they are told the sheriff will come to help them.

The setting of the old mill and location adds to the eeriness.

The scariest location in the movie is where the leatherface (the killer) lives. When Erin and Kemper visits this house, though it is still day time the location is pretty scary.

The scene where the sheriff asks one of the guys to wrap up the dead body in a plastic sheet is another scary one.

Another scene worth mentioning is the scene where the sheriff asks a guy to demonstrate how the girl commited suicide.

Yes the movie has all the cliches of an horror movie with strange characters but still it does scare us.

Jesscia Biel's costume is sexy.

This movie is pretty disturbing so people who doesnt like watching violence, better avoid this movie.


King Viswa said…
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Dear Danny,

Very nice review. I Have seen the movie (Both the original & remake). i Request you to watch the original movie.

By the way, if you are the one who loves to watch the horror movies, You should;ve watched all the Stephen king movies. Have you?

Thanks & Regards,
Viswa Nathan.D
Dan said…
Hi Viswa,

Thanks for your comments especially on tamil comics.

I have read most of Kings books but watched IT, The Stand and Dreamcatcher as movies. IT was good but for the climax the monster was pathetic. Dreamcatcher was neither good nor bad. This put me off about further watching other Kings movies.

Nice to know you are also a horror fan.


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