During new year celebration at a hotel an unfortunate event occured. One person died. Police were called in and they have now framed case against the person who erected the stage and the hotel manager.

The police side says this accident occured because of the hotel managements negligence. The thing that raises interesting questions is the fact that he has quoted about something called "Stage stability certificate". This certificate it seems one has to procure from PWD. What a joke.

In chennai at any point of time people construct atleast 1000 stages for one reason or other. I dont think anybody even realises that such thing exists.

Lets assume that unfortunate accident never happened the would the police have still questioned the management regarding stage stability certificate?

What does this say? We are all in reactive mode. Only when things go awfuly wrong we will dust our rule books. It says we have laws and rules to ensure safety of the people but they just remain in letter not in action.

The authorities should think of implementing the laws before disaster strikes not wait to do a post mortem of a disaster.

There would have been 1000's of hotels which would have celebrated new year celebrations in stages without stage safety certifications. They will go scot free because the stages didnt fail. Does that mean its good no they are nothign but disasters waiting to happen. Our police inspectors as they come in the last scene of any movie will also come after disaster strikes in real life.

The hotel management cannot be held responsible for this debacle. The entire government should own the responsibility. If at all any one has conscience they should awake atleast now. But going by our history this will repeat in one form or other.

I posted long time back T.Nagar that Renganathan street in tnagar is dug for some work and they have covered it with wooden planks with iron rods beneath it. I went there this saturday and it is still in same shape. Has any idiot given safety certificate for those wooden planks? Mind it that it is one place where the crowd is at its peak. Its a disaster waiting to happen as long it doesnt happen all idiots will care a damn about that.

This kind of thing will never happen in a western country. I dont know how they cultivated such character when the most educated person in our country cant even follow the basic etiquette.


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