Today morning as I started to office the first block came as few slow moving Scorpion in over crowded Nanganalur market. I somehow escaped it and came fast just to meet with a huge traffic jam because of storm water drain work going on in a road which is not even worth for one way cycle riding. I dont know why they cant do that work during night time and spare us from torture.
After I escaped that I came across two share autos moving at snails pace in Madipakkam road not giving way to anyone. When I was thinking I escaped them a kuppai lorry stared at my face doing somersault in the middle of the road. After waiting for him to finish his circus I joined the pillayar koil street. Pillayar koil street has a section where sewer from a flat freely flows into road and made craters which will resemble pictures from mars.

Once I crossed that I joined the Velachery road and turned into the 100 ft road towards thoraippakkam. The road after centuries has been laid well and driving through it is a pleasure. But as all pleasures are short lived lorries which ran frequently in these roads droped lumps of clay all over the road which got stuck with the road and now gives a bumpy ride to anyone who uses that road.

Finally I joined OMR. OMR is heaven for those who have used other chennai roads. You do encounter hopeless people running across the road, directionless autos, rash driving tata indicas and sumos but how OMR differs is it provides you more space to tolerate all this. That makes your ride painless compared to other roads.

This type of raod is what we need through out our country but these roads are given only to rich people. Only when companies come they lay such roads otherwise they lay in neglect.

Atleast they provide this road at this section we should be happy for that.


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