All Silent

Suddenly there will be a big hulla ballu about Cauvery now all is silent.
Suddenly people gathered and shouted against and for Hogenekal now everything is silent.
No news on Jaipur Blast all is silent.
One day they talk about inflation one day they dont.
They talk pages about petrol hike once its hiked no body will talk about it.
Now people keep talking about Gujjars (I dont know what the issue is) in few days all will be silent.
Sometime back actor Kunal died no news about it afterwards. Whether it is resolved or not no one knows.
People were screaming about cases on Salman now nothing. I see him smiling in all hindi programs.
People screamed about Iraq and Afghanistan, all issues resolved there? No one knows.

We forget a lot, some unlucky people get caught and get punished some people only get caught but not punished.

If you are thinking WTF this post is about then ....


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