Bomb Blast

After Delhi Bomb blast another one in Islamabad. Few days back I recieved a forward of a video where it showed beheading of one person. The mail never warned me on what is going to be on the video so I was shocked to see that and couldnt watch after some point. Till what I saw it was nauseating. The effect didnt go off after couple of days also.

I dont know what the guys in the video are trying to prove by committing such an act. I have heard there are few more videos which shows similar kind of acts. They do it to prove a point but did it achieve what they want? No !. Still they keep fighting. They think by committing more such acts they can achieve what they want. The problem is they dont know what they want. As I write this I remember that I wrote exact words long time back. Its like a cycle nothing has changed. Younger people have taken over from older people. The way it is going it doesnt look like its going to stop.

Now someone might reply to this post what are you achieving by writing this ... its a vicious cycle..


S.Srikanthan said…
The world is full of greedy, competitive people who do anything for money. Dont know what the hell will they do with it. Money will buy NOTHING. Unfortunately no one realises it .

Most of them dont have the realisation of what are they going to acheive by doing these activities. Ultimately Man kind will become extinct one day. Be it India or Pakistan, terrorism should be dealt in severe way. Inhuman punishment should be meted out to these people.

But as I say, even if U grant them capital punishment, there are people in our own backyard who will raise slogans against it.

Only tensions, unhappiness will remain when we both discuss these issues. this is the fact. As a public, we both cant do anything. If U enter politics, you will be victimised. What else one can do?

As I wrote inmy blog, we can only have group prayers for those who are dead and pray for these $%$%$ terrorists to change their mind.

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