Cinema Paradiso

I saw the above movie after high recommendation by a friend.

After seeing the movie it had the same effect one as the movies which dealt with nostalgia. It's a tale about love, a town, a child, a bond between an adult and a child and much more. The movie reminds us how precious memories are and how previous people are. There is a conversation between a fortyish person and his mother in the movie which goes on like

Man : When I was young I always looked at you as a grown up old woman. May be its the same way for every child. But now I realise that you were young.

Yes just on our first look we look at our parents as people who have already lived their life. But now when we reach that thirtyish age we realise they were young when we were born.
** Spoilers below***
There are lot of poignant moments in the movie especially when the Cinema Paradiso comes down we feel we lost something which we held close to our heart. We realise how many such things we have overlooked in our life.


cowey said…
correctu ramesh. :-)
rendu ticket koduppa.

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