Srilankan Tamils

This is one issue which is raging on for ages. I remember when I was very young wearing black badges to show our support to the suffering Tamil People in Srilanka. I personally know some Srilankan Tamils and have heard their plight directly from them.

Now a solution for this issue should be found no second thoughts on that but what is happening in TN is ridiculous. Every person worth 2 cents makes big statements against Srilanka. When issuing such statements they make it look like some fight between kindergarden students. To top it all the DMK government asks all it ministers to resign. They say by this they are showing their commitment to this issue. An animal with just one sense can identify that these are nothing but acts which are not genuine. Looks like no body is interested in finding real solution they just play this issue to their tune.

One important thing is whoever uses this issue to their own benefit very well know that they are putting their life at risk but still they go ahead and do it. But such act also doesnt seem odd as 99% of the criminals too put their life at risk. They know if they get caught thats the end of life but still they take the risk.

Sad part is there are still a section of people who believe these gimmicks as genuine .


S.Srikanthan said…
The solution is to bring the Tamils in SL to Tamil Nadu which the GOVT I think is not agreeing.

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