Meet Joe Black

Saw this movie this weekend. The concept of this movie is very interesting. What if death comes to visit us as a person? Though the movie has a morbid theme it is not depressing. Infact it is a very interesting movie, makes us think a lot. At no point it tries to play with our emotions though there is lot of scope to do so.

Anthony Hopkins is awesome, after The Silence of the Lambs we see a totally different Hopkins. Brad Pitt though is made to show no emotion he scores as well. Claire Forlani is beautiful. The coffee shop scene in the beginning is a beautiful scene.

Though we don't hear much music during the movie there are few scenes where the music score just takes you to a different world.

A very good movie just sit back and indulge in it.


cowey said…
Should watch it soon. Tried closer this week. Dull or confusing start and after that it was a non stop entertainer. The stripper lady, I saw her just a day before in a kids movie Magoriums toy shop...something..a did. This one was a relief. No paasangu.
Dan said…
Kool Cowey
K Praveen said…
Will chk out.. Seems this is an official remake of a movie called Death takes a Holiday
Dan said…
yes i too got to know that its a remake today
S.Srikanthan said…
i have finally started watching Eng movies after coming here :-)
Dan said…
congrats Srikanthan
S.Srikanthan said…
Thanks Daniel :-)
Ellam ungala maari vayasaana vanga aseervadham.

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