When some people receive something people tell that it is a blessing because GOD answered their prayers. Its also told GOD answers good people's prayers. Can we then say all people who received some good were good people? The same people say GOD is a good GOD he will take care of good as well as the bad. Then why should I be good? I should be good to avoid punishment from GOD.

Can we see anyone in the world who has escaped punishment from GOD? No. Then is it impossible to be good? What is good? Is it absolute or relative?

In UK they have started a campaign which goes like "There is probably no GOD. Enjoy your life.

Some people are slowly coming against that campaign.

There is always some proof for GOD is there but there is no prooof for GOD doesnt exist. But non-existance of something can it be proved? To prove something, something should exist.

Is GOD mans answer for all things beyond his control? or Is GOD a reality?
Lot of open questions ..but not many answers.


niveditha said…
Yes, very true...
I believe that even if someone proves that GOD doesn't exist, there is definitely a supernatural power that drives all good and bad things happening to us and around us.

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