Public Transport

In many countries public transport if heavily promoted. People are encouraged to use public transport by giving lot of attractive offers such as attractive tariffs during weekend. Promoting public transport has many good effects and most important is the environment

There also in outskirts they reduce number of services during weekend but it happens only in outskirts and not inside the city.

In our city we dont promote public transport. Though MRTS was built with much fanfare nothing much was done to make it look attactive for passengers. First thing we dont have many rail network inside city as other western countries have. TBM-BCH is the only rail network within the city and add to it the weak MRTS.

Instead of going out and promoting public transport, I read that our guys are reducing the frequency. That too when I read it is being reduced to half (dont know if it was printing mistake) it was very disheartening to see it. This reduction is going to happen both in TBM-BCH and the MRTS. The reason quoted poor patronage.


anna. innum kalakkittu dhaan irukkeengala? :)

wish your a happy new yr 2009.

-- kittu
Dan said…
inge than irukom vere enge porathu

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