Public Transport - 2

As mentioned in the two posts earlier to this one, the reduction in the number of services has been criticised from all front but as in all cases Southern Railway is adamant on its decision.

They have opened a bus bay in Tambaram. This should have happened the day Tambaram station was built but it is happening so many years late. But we can take on this for granted it wont prove useful. Our MTC guys will take care that nothing works good for the public.

Not a single guy in this city shows some public concern. On Sunday I visited a showroom which was advertising over rooftop that there is a sale happening. They also had opened a new showroom in alwarpet. So I visited the showroom with my friend to find that there is no proper parking space with construction materials strewm all around. There was no marking for seperate Car parking and bike parking. There was absolute chaos and I am sure it wont improve in another 100 years also.

Inside the shop they were still setting up the items nothing was in the racks. Then why did they advertise the shop is open? This is Customer service in our city.


Balaji S Rajan said…

You are 100 percent right. Bus bay at Tambaram should have come many years before. But atleast glad they have made it now. I think our way of planning should improve a lot. They are thinking only for the present and not for the future. Also, if the budget allocated is purely spent 100 percent without any cut off or commission, things can improve.
Dan said…

after long time good to see you ..

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