Villu was initially advertised as Jamesbond movie then slowly they project it as MGR style movie.

Now why did they call it a Jamesbond movie? Because in few scenes Vijay struts around in suites and there is a boat chase scene.

Few review sites also sticked to that and said its Indianised Jamesbond version. I dont have problems in accepting few of old Jaishankars movies in that league but Villu? Cant digest it. Just because there is a boat chase and foreign locales it cannot be called a Bond film.

Only one thig proved "Vijay will go to any extent to market himself".

Regarding the other release Padikathavan, I expected a different film after watching the trailor where Dhanush says "Varatha padipa vaa vaa sona eppdi varum". After watching few more clippings in various other programs I can see its another telugu masala genre movie.


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