Whenever elections comes there comes a set of people asking people to vote. They also say if we dont vote then we dont have the right to talk about politicions. WTF. voting is an act of suicide. Where you are only given an option of choosing the way. Poison, Hanging, Gun and so on. Why the F should I choose? People have been screaming about bringing in some kind of rules for people who can participate and who shouldnt but nobody seems to care.

They say if you are not willing go there and say you dont want to vote. My foot. There are some geniuses who say since good people didnt come to politics bad people are ruling the world of politics. Anyone in right mind cannot come into politics now for the simple reason of fear of life and not because they are not interested. Within minutes you will be terminated.

A simple counsellor gets killed due to act of vengence. Shankar potrayed it very well in the movie Mudhalvan. The good guy can only taste bad things. Though Shankar ends the movie as if good triumphs over evil this will not happen in reality. The good guy will be snuffed out even before he can realise he has been snuffed.

So it will be better if these guys who advice us to vote and participate in politics take a hike.

My vote is for the beautiful girl below.


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