Yavarum Nalam

Saw this movie on friday. This movie is now the talk of the town/media in chennai. The theater was full which showed that the movie is not a disaster.

The story? Almost most sites has talked about it. In brief a TV serial starts to resemble a familys life. Is someone playing with the family or something playing with the family? The answer is told in a different way.

Except for the music there is no horror for most of the time. The only scary thing they have tried on camera angle is to show the bottom of the lift. The songs, there are songs but looks like they have been cut short, not that we miss them in a horror movie.

The suspense is good when they reveal the suspense it does make us say "ohhh ok ok". The first half drags a little with not much happening. You can notice most of the shots are close up shots, they have not tried to show the city much as this is a bilingual. There is a drama kind of feel as most of it happens inside a house. The colours I felt were little dull may be they wanted that look and feel.

Overall for the climax you can watch it. If only they had made it little more scarier ....


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