Party leaders are openly bargaining for seats. They say we will join the alliance with whichever party gives more seats. There used to be a time when atleast to the public they will say they are joining the so n so alliance for such policy reasons and not because of number of seats.

Now we have moved to the next logical step of accepting the truth on the number of seats.

The logical way to wipe out the number of small parties would be to not include them in any of the alliances. The bigger parties should take that step but they are not ready to take chances as the voting mentality of average Indian is highly unpredictable we dont know why someone votes for some party. So they wont reject chota parties and with each election the number of such parties are in the rise.

There are people who strongly ask us to vote and not loose our right. In the process we are to choose between the best among the worst. All the parties concur on that one thing, making sure not a single good guy/party survives so that the entire pie can be had by them.

Long live democracy.


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