Not a single party in India can be called a good one but still there are some parties who ride on other parties and slowly spread their wings. One such Party is PMK. PMK won single seat in its first assembly election and then four seats and then now its posing as if its party to reckon with.

Why am I suddenly shouting about PMK? Last night there was a procession by PMK super duper cadres through GST road. They had put so many banners, flags and tube lights all through GST road till Guindy. Yes there were Vaazhai Maram as well.

Should it be called Paatali Makkal Katichi or #$%#$ Makkal Katchi I dont know they created total havoc in GST road. The traffic was severly affected. All these idiots should be mass murdered. Unless someone teaches these idiots a lesson through polls these pests cannot be stopped.

Again its not just the PMK the entire bunch of parties in India are rotten. One by one they have to be terminated.


I wonder how many times you had blogged on the pathetic state of our political parties and their activities... I dont know if we will ever see some positive change...
Balaji S Rajan said…

I am with you. Huge banners on the middle of the road, without realising the hazard for motorists and the common man. Processions during peak hours, all these will happen only in our great place. We keep boasting that we are sending man to moon, and not fit to treat man on earth. What to do? We still have wonderful people on Earth who have the thought of identifying these things. Let them increase and everything will change.
Dan said…

True wherever i go i dont see any order :(


looks like you are back with a bang

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