Courts have asked all encroachments in TNagar should be removed. This order was give long time back and still there are debates going on whether it should be removed or not and the HC just keeps extending deadlines.

There are encroachments in 1000 other places should a case be put for each of those places? Isnt it common sense or the duty of the officer for that area to remove encroachments?

Helmets were made mandatory by the court and we can see still 70% of the people not wearing Helmets.

HC asked garbagse should not be dumped in Pallikaranai Marsh but I can still see people dumping garbage there.

Law college students fight as if they are no 1 rowdies.

Lawyers clash with police HC becomes a bloody mess.

India condemns the shooting at srilankan players. India is not able to keep its house in order but comments on neighbours house.

What a joke !


Balaji S Rajan said…
Well said Dan! I am glad there are citizens like you who could think in a different angle than to tolerate whatever happens. Recently I had interaction with many of my friends who have been defending for whatever is happening over there except one or two who accepted the mishappenings. Be what you are! Good thinking. Keep blogging.

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