Old Boy

Saw this Korean movie after reading some high reviews. The story that I read about the movie was a guy gets kidnapped on his daughters birthday and is released only after 15 years. Now he has to find out who kidnapped him and why he was kidnapped. So he moves on with revenge on his mind. I was careful not to read any spoilers.

The movie doesnt have any zig zag story telling which most of the movies which calls themselves intelligent do. The movie is pretty straightforward except for the theme which most will feel uncomfortable.

Though there was a twist at the end the twist didnt strike me like The Sixth Sense or A Tale of Two Sisters. The movie is not about the twist but is something more than that. The ending as usual is left to the users interpretation. The acting is top notch.

If you are looking for a movie to shock you (not just by violence) then this movie is for you.


K Praveen said…
Looks like you have become a fan of Extreme collection movies ;)

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