Sad State

Before the ink on my previous post could dry there are other things on the same line reported. People who were having fun in Marina joyride met with such a fate. The strings on which their seats were hanging in the joyride snapped when the joy ride was in operation. Luckily there were no fatal accidents. But do you know how the governtment has responded? Yes they have said from now on all merry-go-rides will be certified by an authority. WTF. Why didnt they do it before?

Again whatever you certify accidents cannot be averted but incompetency can be averted.

Again another kid fell into a well which didnt have a wall sorrounding it. The boy went in search of a cricket ball. The boy died. The authorites are now going to book the owner of the construction site and the developer. Almost everyone involved in this accident is to be equally blamed including the boy though there is definitley a 99% chance the boy could have survived if the well had wall sorrounding it.


Anonymous said…
I was browsing through your posts recently and I found one thing striking.

You seem to be fed up of India.

Let me tell you what, I have seen many people in life who complain and then finally escapes from India.

You are one diff human being. Why cant you try and do something?

If YOU really criticise the state and country like this, then You must come forward to do something.
Whats the use of posting in blog?

Improving ur Enlgish?
Or getting popularity?

With ur tone, I am sure you are not here to do that.

Then, I would suggest you to do something different like start some social organisation or Join some NGO in India/ Chennai and do some service.

I am sure YOU will have a good sleep if You do that, if You continuously criticse and blog,then I am 100% sure that You will never have peace.

All said, no one can change by just criticising,try to implement/ do something.

If you start something, let me know. I will be more than happy to join You.

-- Your well wisher :-))
Dan said…
dont know who you are but tx for the message.
i agree to you that something if done will give me peace of mind believe me i started off small things where i work to bring in some order. some worked and some fell into deaf ears :).
but yes something bigger needs to be done..

if at all i start how to get in touch with you :-P
S.Srikanthan said…
No one can beat the logic of our govt :-) sad state
Anonymous said…
Your well wisher is back.

If you start something, put it in this blog itself :-P. I am closely following your stuffs here :-)
Dan said…

tats scary
Balaji S Rajan said…

I read this post and felt heavy heart. These kind of deaths happen all round the world but it is more in third world countries. I know the health and safety measures are very less in India when compared to other developed parts. There are two important things. Every kid should be made aware about the health and safety in the schools through form of education. Importance to life should be preached and a young child should not die like this. Again, I would blame the parents as well. They should have made the child to be aware of safety measure. Life is precious than the cricket ball. This is not taught for the kids. Also, the construction site. We both can keep talking and criticising. But strict measures should be taken within the sites. No one should be allowed in such sites. As long as there is more interest in making money, than saving lives, things will be happening like this. Public awareness and caution only can stop such deaths in the future.

I strongly feel for the parents.

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