Rain Forest

Rain Forest Chennai Restaurant is one Restaurant which is located at Adya signal. One thing that is good about the restaurant is its rain forest setting with nice atmosphere. The niceties stops just there. I visited this restaurant a year ago and faced one of the worst service. Due to poor memory I forgot that incident and made the mistake of visiting it again. But the restaurant hasnt changed they quite promptly did what they do the best "the bad service".

We booked a table for 9 at 7 PM. We were told they can hold the table only for 15 mins that is till 715 PM. 7 of us reached the place at 7 15 PM and two among us got delayed. At 730 we were asked if the two will join us or not. The reason told was its getting late and if the two join us late they may take more time to finish their food. When we told they are struck in traffic they started to panic.

At the two joined us around 745 and around 830 when we were at dessert (yes we continued to eat there) they told us people are waiting outside so we have to hurry. This is the first retaurant where I saw people were asked to hurry up and get out.

Such a pathetic service I have never witnessed anywhere. But the interesting thing is Chennaites dont care about all this they flock to this place like birds flock to vedanthangal during season. For food a chennaite will do anything. Chennaites dont know about eating at lesiure. All they know is buy masala dosa in saravana bhavan gulp it down with a cup of filter coffee.

Next time when you think of visiting Rain Forest keep your self respect locked inside a cupboard and visit.


Niths said…
After reading ur article I can recollect that we had a bad experience last yr, but not able to recollect what mess it was. But this seems worse when they try to force you out soon :( That is something I cant imagine happening anywhere...

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