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Bought the newly released Chandramukhi DVD this weekend. This is the third time I m buying Chandramukhi DVD. The earlier two attempts the DVDs didnt work properly. This new DVD is from Ayngaran and its a double disk edition. A first of its kind in Tamil DVD world (first time in Indian Market). The Sivaji original DVD is yet to hit chennai market.

Just completed watching the special features DVD. The price Rs 300 is worth for the special features DVD itself. It contains the audio release function, 804th day celebration, deleted scenes and Making of Chandramukhi. It also has the original soundtrack. The movie also comes in Dolby and DTS audio formats.

The deleted scenes is what that interested me. Many of them would have added lot of value to the movie but they have cut them for their own reasons.

If there is anyone who is still contemplating on whether to go ahead and buy this DVD version, my advice is you wont regret it.


Dot said…
A post on the deleted scenes, pls ;-)
Dan said…
Heres a sneek peek into deleted scenes
there is one scene which is a conversation between Rajini and Vadivel before Rajini takes Vadivel to bungalow
Another one between Prabhu and Rajini where the actual crux is discussed whether ghost exists or not
like that many more are there ..
Vijayan said…
Ya I too had seen it was awesome ...

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