History Repeats

I had expressed my anger at our authorities always act after incidents happen than proactively. You can read them here and here. Same thing has happened again and will happen in future as well. Just using this post to vent out my fury at these incompetent authorities.

A guy from Chennai went to Bangalore participated in some adventure sports at a place quite familiar. During Reverse Bungee jumping the string snapped and he had a fatal fall. Now the authorities wants to arrest the owner of the sports club saying he didnt have proper certificate to conduct such sports. When it is a well known place frequented by people where these authorities blind or deaf or paralysed? Why didnt they take action?

Always these idiots say he didnt have proper licence to do X or do Y only after few lives are lost. An accident is always unavoidable but not an incompetent excuse. Had they issued the license and the accident occured we can always say it is fate or accident but in this these morons didnt even do their duty and now say they didnt have license to run that event.

All such guys giving lame excuse should be punished severley so that they will make sure everything is proper in the city.

But take it from me that situation will never come to our country. Here money is more precious than lives. Governments are busy fighting oppsition party and appeasing certain section of people than concentrating on actual development work.

நாமெல்லாம் பாவம் செஞ்சி இருக்கோம் இந்த நாட்டில் பிறப்பதற்கு - apart from repeating this sentence I dont have anything else to say. Jingoistic India is my country, I m prooud to be an Indian etc are never going to help. There is another section which will say what have you done to improve the society. Thats another useless argument I have heard What am I supposed to do? I am talking about people who failed to do their duty just because someone failed to do a duty and I pin point I cant be asked to do the job. That will be most immature argument that can be presented.


K Praveen said…
Yes, those who argue that way prefer to be called "Saints". Once you call them so, they will stop arguing!
Balaji S Rajan said…

I am glad that people like you who could differentiate good and bad are there. Keep writing these kinds of issues. Probably things will change one day. It may take several years.

An average citizen's attitude and thinking should also change. People should not go to such Bungee jumping without checking all the other aspects like safety, security, etc. In some areas our fellows are incompetent. The other day I was asking my son why he had a scar on his hand. He said while he had been to holiday to India some years before he went on a Go-cart ride in a theme park in chennai and they lifted him and made him to sit in a seat. He rested his hand on the side and got burnt immediately. The reason was he kept his hand on the Engine. He thought the Engine was at the back having experienced in Abroad. Our fellows have kept it at the wrong place. The staff immediately rushed to my son and instead of giving first aid or helping him, have shouted at him for being careless " Can't you keep your hand safely, why did you touch here?". He was talking about this last week when I asked him about the scar. This is just tip of the iceberg.
cowey said…
thaanga mudiyalai da..n
Dan said…

Thats sad to hear. see my next post about our incompetency



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