Many things has happened within the past few days

Congress has won the elections by big margin
Markets creates records by bull run
LTTE chief has been shot dead

The last point will be taken by some people sadly and by some people jubliently. Violence should never be the means for achieving anything. By killing people we only leave scars we dont solve problems. In the past countries always fought against each other but situation has changed but each country has rebels within their country. They cant fine time to eal with them. 

A kills B and C takes revenge on A then D takes revenge on C. There is no ending. Now will this be the end? Hope no one takes revenge and creates another chain of killings. Hope peace prevails for all the people who suffered directly and indirectly.


Vijayan said…
IF they think everyone as you think the peace will come automatically and ruin the world...

you're inherit the first position in my author list and you pulled down the shake sphere


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