It took me so long for the next post  just for the reason my BSNL boradband connection suddenly went blank. Now BSNL is one such organisation where nothing is organised. They have big website but you cant find many useful information. The site will boast of call centers, online application form submission etc but nothing will work. If you do submit online form you have sit thinking someone will be working on it but in truth its like putting application into a graveyard pit.

Once my connection broke I raised an complaint with the customer care but after that nothing happened for a week. Then as I kept calling them, they gave me an Engineers number and then that Engineer gave me another persons number who straight away said my area doesnt come under her jurisdiction.

By some magic suddenly one person came and said my modem is dead then he went back and today the same modem works. He came back to say he rebooted something at his end. I dont know what it was that he rebooted. Atleast I appreciate his courtesy.

In India everything will be going fine as long as it works the moment it fails you are dead.


Niths said…
I wonder if you have visited any BSNL office for some address change or some incorrect bill etc. I have had a bad experience on that :(

I can add on here that We had to get back Rs 5000 which was some deposit amt you get when you totally close the EB connection (which basically we will not do) As we were reconstrucing flats, we closed the old EB and got new one. Its 5 yrs now and we are yet fighting to get that 5000 back.Dont forget one thing, he cooly took 5000 deposit for the new connection... My petrol charges to his office till date might have reached tht 5000 :(

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