Air France

The dissapearence of the Air France Air bus is really scary. With such advanced technolgies in hands they are still struggling to get information on what happened to the Air bus.

Its even scarier to think of the last moments of those passengers. Accoding to rediff, everything happened in very few minutes and the pilot didnt even had the time to alert the control towers. With all such sophisticated technolgies a mammoth airplane has jus disapeared in thin air. Assuming it did sink into the Atlantic its why are not even able to locate the location of such a giant?

In these days even if a mobile phone is lost they can trace it in few seconds about the location of the mobile phone, why are they struggling for an aeroplane? I may sound childish not knowing the actual conditions in the sea but still something more could have been done on the planes so that they are easily traceable.

With this incident in mind flying has just got worse.

If advanced countries are struggling we cant think what will happen if such a thing happens in our country where everyday some report on accident averted comes on the newspaper.

I wish the flight did land somewhere safe the people are alive .. ahh what a relief that would be.


Vijayan said…
I wish U for Ur wishes come true …

But if the same things happened to our country, little difficult to wish U

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