Dasavatharam vs Sivaji

I know its too late to review Dasavatharam but I have tried to compare Dasavatharam with Sivaji. I watched Dasavatharam only over the last weekend. Till then my source of information has been net. And from what I heard though 50% of the people trashed it the other 50% called it highly innovative and can be understood only by people who had done phd in University of Massachusetts.

Now coming to the comparison Sivaji did not meet expectations. On first viewing I even felt what was shankar doing for the 2 years? On the whole much was expected from Rajini - Shankar- ARR Combo but the movie didnt meet the expectations.

Coming to Dasavatharan first thing its not a very intelligent movie as portrayed by some groups. Its a very ordinary chase movie. This could have been accomplished on a much lesser scale but Kamal chose the grander, painful and longer route. There is nothing in the movie to say Dasavatharam surpassed Sivaji in intelligence. It cannot be said Kamal took Indian cinema to a different plane. Dasavatharam, like Sivaji is another half baked attempt. If not for the 10 roles hype it would have been a disaster.

One thing common between the movies is that both the movies had only commercial results in mind. Though they tried to entertain us in achieving those commercial goals they only succeeded partly. They were not highly satisfying attempts.

Dasavatharam not living upto expectations is tolerable to some extent because it had only Kamal's name to it and he has tried his best. But in case of Sivaji its a lot of talent which has been wasted like Rajini, Shankar, ARR, Sujatha.

Sincerley wish Endhiran - The Robot will not be another quarter baked attempt.


Niths said…
Reviews are personal and hence I cant give much comments here :) But one question to you... Honestly tell me one thing, how could people say "they dint understand or like only phd holders can understand" Don't you think those comments were purely by people who don't have an open heart to enjoy and appreciate any movie from Kamal?
S.Srikanthan said…
Dasavatharam was projected that way even in official reviews.

I am not supporting Sivaji, but telling U the fact.

I am a supporter of both ThenIndiya GANDHI and Ulaga Nayagan.
Dan said…
any kamal fan will always project kamals movie as something intelligent and they say layman cant understand it.
Niths said…
i forgot the last time this point, anytime there is a movie with many characters trying to be projected important (usually its just hero and villan) there will be some lose threads... Some characters which lose importance in the end or the character does not have a proper ending.... For the fact that this movie could handle 10 characters and link them well (dont argue that 10 kamal is not needed..that can be true..but he wanted and so he did that), we have to congratulate kamal and Ravikumar for that brilliant work :)
Vijayan said…
Dasavatharam story is pretty good but cannot be understand to all people. Bcoz the way is like that they made them like that whereas Sivaji is pretty good in all such as good story, music and combined work, which is, represents Super Star, Famous Director, Oscar, Sujatha … The main concept is all of them enjoyed from leased to greatest.

Unfortunately One day I watched that movie that night I cant able to sleep bcoz of kamal wherever I turned in to my bed I can see only kamal’ 10 faces only. I was so scared.

Rajini’ movies were always sweet in all
Kamal’ movies is his action only .i.e) Over act (nobody can say no)

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