The Begining

Texas chainsaw Massacre - The Begining : I became a huge fan of TCM after watching the remake 2003 starring Jessica Biel. I badly wanted to see the original but I could only get my hands on TCM - 3 and TCM - The begining which is the prequel to TCM 2003.

TCM - 3 was in itself was a totaly different experience when compared to TCM 2003. The movie was more about gore than plot. The Sawyer characters were wierder than TCM 2003 Hewitt characters. People said TCM - 3 is close to the original TCM.

Coming to TCM - The begining which is the prequel to TCM - 2003 I expected it to be more on the lines of TCM - 2003 but rather it is close to original TCM. The movie has lot of gore with less on plot and style which were predominant in TCM - 2003. The lead actresses in both the movies are hot Jessica Biel and Jordana Brewster.

TCM - 2003 builds an eerie atmosphere and gives chills though it doesnt show lot of gore. May be because I have already seen TCM - 2003, The Begining didnt give me such creeps. The Begining is more about torture similar to TCM - 3.

My advice for those who are planning to see TCM - The begining, have less hopes may be you will enjoy it.


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