For the past few days chennai has been reeling under severe heat wave. The temperatures were hovering with a maximum of 37 deg C. Though it doesnt sound like a very high there was a unbearable heat wave. The sun was at its full force by 7 AM making the travel to office amidst the chaotic chennai traffic next only to hell.

The evenings and nights were filled with a sultry atmosphere. The rooms became coffins. Read from papers that the humidity stood at 80%.

Dogs died due to this heat at a canine show held in the city.

There have been times even the beach wont be pleasent in chennai.

Even if you squeeze your brain to the maximum you cant point a good thing or a good reason to be in chennai except for the nostalgic moments we had here. There are some places which are cursed chennai is one among them not a single blessing to count.


Niths said…
What u have written makes me feel, u seem to hate chennai so much atleast in the last one week time :( Its nature's game, we have to go through that...we have no chance to escape..
Balaji S Rajan said…
Hi Dan,

Thanks for updating about Chennai. I am able to visualise it. By the way how is Chennai traffic. Any improvement. I am very sad to say that one of my friend who did not wear a helmet and met with an accident is in coma for the past 8 months. It seems he felt uncomfortable to wear because of the heat but the loss is very heavy. Very sad and I would like to advise every one to wear a good helmet to protect their head during injuries.
Dan said…
Hi Balaji,

Nice to see your comment after a long time.

Helmet or no Helmet death is guaranteed in chennai traffic.

Sorry about your friend :(
S.Srikanthan said…
kathri veyil has shifted to september :-) thats the reason for our sweat :-)

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