Lot of things which were there when we were kids are no more there. Some of our loved ones inclusive. Here I just wanted to look at few things that have changed in Chennai as I grew up.

The area in and around Palavanthangal has undergone some significant changes. The major one in the Palavanthangal subway. Long time back there used to be a railway gate which was operated manually. There used to be lot of chaos as the gate opens for vehicles to pass through.

Many shops which were there at that time are not there. A totally new set of shops has replaced them. One such shop was Jacintha bakery. I remember the owner of the Bakery telling my dad about how his shop is running into loss and because of subway work he has also been asked to vacate.

The simple and small subway took ages to be built causing lot of hardship of so many people when it was under construction.

People who are from that area should be able to appreciate this article.

Will be back with more such Missing things.


S.Srikanthan said…
etha miss panomo ilayo, Time and Peace have been lost over the years....
Dan said…
well said pls collect ur gift cheque from LR swamy building
Balaji S Rajan said…
I remember the railway gate. We have waited at the gates. Do you remember sometimes 2 or 3 18C will be standing one behind another? Do you still have that 'Kulam' near Chidambaram stores?
Dan said…
yes balaji i remember it very well.

the kulam is still there :)

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