This movie has received some good reviews so decided to catch up with this movie. The theatre was full considering the fact that there will be few people normally at that show time. So I was expecting some good movie though I was not expecting anything extrodinary.

The movie starts of with a suicide as read in all the reviews and yes it rains. Now the hero is introduced who doesnt show much emotion and it then moves at a snails pace and hero says since the girl was his ex lover he will investigate the what looks like a clear case of suicide.

There are some flashbacks about his love and how they parted. The way they part is not believable she leaves him over one small fight.

Coming to the present people who lived near her flat also start to die suddenly and the hero realises that its the ghost of the girl who kills and the ghost uses water to kill everyone.

Finally there is also a twist about the suicide.

There ends the movie.

If this movie was produced by someone else the movie would not have received this much attention. The movie is something which we are used to from old ages. If you have seen the movie Pei Veedu or Vaa Arugil Vaa or 13 number veedu then you will understand this movie is no way different from others just that water is shown in each and every frame. I felt like the movie was just going on and on ..

The final twist about suicide too doesnt surprise you as we keep expecting it.

I couldnt find a single positive point in this movie.


K Praveen said…
Yes, it's irritating to see such movies get this hype. Ripping off scenes from foreign movies is the latest trend.

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