Chennai gets hot, hotter and still hotter. There are no signs of cooling down. Occassionaly it drizzles nothing more. It is october and still no signs of heat going down. Couple of days back it touched 39 Deg which is unusual.

Vechile population too increases in very high propotion.

All this makes travelling a nightmare. With heat and rogues disguised as drivers coming home is a miracle.

Those who are bored with the routine traffic post :-(


Niths said…
I just cant believe its still going upto 39C :( No rains mean worse water problems in summer.

Here it has changed from summer to autumn in just 2 days and we have already reached day temperature max as 15C only. Wondering how extreme weather can be!!!
Dan said…
you will be coming back to india during indian winter which will be a max of 35 deg and min of 29 deg.

welcome back.

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