The Devils Rejects

Just finished watching the movie The Devils Rejects. I have read about Rob Zombie the director of the Halloween remake. I was interested in watching his two movies House of 1000 Corpses and The Devils Rejects.

The movie has the premise of serails killing family on the loose. They kill people for no reasons. How it differs from other movies of the same genre is
a) the movie doesnt happen in one single place. the killers are made to run around
b) the movie doesnt concentrate of one single family or group which suffers in their hands. the plot is little more broader than that
c) the killers are sorrounded by the police right at the begining of the movie
d) what happens to the killers? do they get caught or escape? this is shown in a totally different manner.

The movie has the feel of some kickass movies like Planet Terror, Dawn of the dead (remake).

There is good amount of nudity and gore. Sometimes we even start to think whether the director is evil.

If you like some Tarantino, Rodriguez kind of movie then this movie is for you.


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