Grace is Gone

After the kick ass The Devils Rejects, I saw this movie Grace is Gone. I dont remember whether I read about this movie under Road movies category or emotional movie category but it is of both kind.

Road movies are always a treat to watch. For some reason the travelling through the long unending roads covered by no man land on both sides gives a kind of comfort feeling. Though that is always the premise for a horror flick this time its a heart warming story.

John Cusack father of two girls is taking care of them as their mom has gone to Iraq as part of US army. One day he gets the news that his wife has died. He struggles how to convey this news to his daughters and then takes them on a road trip to a theme park called Enchanted Gardens.

What happens enroute and how he finally conveys forms the rest of the story.

John Cusack as well as the two girls has done a great job. Nothing much happens in the movie except for the conversations between the girls and their dad. But thats what makes it worth a watch.

Only later I came to know that the music for the movie is by Clint Eastwood.

If you liked A Straight Story by David Lynch then there is a good chance that you will like this movie as well.


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